75 Years of NATO and the Washington Summit: CSDS Analysis

CSDS is engaged in research and analysis on NATO. 75 years after the Alliance’s creation, and with a view to the Washington Summit, CSDS initiatives centre on how best to adapt NATO to future challenges. At the Centre, we recognise that NATO’s success in the future is dependent on the Alliance becoming ever stronger and credible. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, NATO Allies have started to invest in their defences and they have also pledged to increase defence spending. European militaries are being rebuilt to ensure the credibility of NATO’s deterrence, which is needed in the context of shifting transatlantic relations. Over the past few months, CSDS has been primarily focusing on how America’s alliance with Europe can be bridged together with those in the Indo-Pacific.

A series of events organised by CSDS have also facilitated discussions about the future of NATO. In April 2024, CSDS worked with the Belgian Permanent Representation to NATO and the Egmont Institute on a public event (“Transatlantic Test“) on how best to adapt NATO in terms of burden sharing and defence-industrial production. Our annual “Defence & Statecraft Forum” in April 2024 also allowed for a debate on how US domestic politics could influence the future direction of NATO. This event complemented a series of past events organised with CSIS on transatlantic defence in an era of strategic competition. Additionally, we have organised events with close partners such as CSIS and the US Institute of Peace, on how best to build NATO’s relationship with partners in the Indo-Pacific.

The Centre has also produced a number of publications on the issues of the 75th year anniversary and the Washington Summit. One CSDS In-Depth Paper has looked at the modernisation of NATO’s nuclear forces, whereas another one specifically looked at how Europeans should adapt to political shifts in the NATO Alliance. In other publications, we have looked at NATO’s growing relationship and partnerships with Japan and South Korea. CSDS researchers also continue to inform the public debate on NATO through frequent media appearances and the publication of commentary pieces. Our researchers have spoken with the Financial Times, YLE Svenska, Le Monde, CNN and more.