Mattia Sguazzini

Visiting PhD Researcher
Pleinlaan 5, 1050, Brussels, Belgium

Mattia Sguazzini is a PhD candidate at the University of Genoa, Italy, in the PhD Program on Security, Risk and Vulnerability, in the Security and Strategic Studies curriculum. His research focuses on cybersecurity policy. The doctoral project focuses on the determinants of states’ policy design space. In addition to this, in collaboration with other scholars, he is working on several papers addressing different aspects of cybersecurity governance and the distribution of power resources concerning cyberspace. His research interests also include the implementation of text-as-data methods in political science. Related work currently involves an analysis of the mandates of UN and EU peacebuilding missions and an analysis of the armed forces’ social media communication. In addition, he is currently working on the analysis of strategic documents concerning cybersecurity at the domestic level, as well as statements and documents submitted by states to international organisations. Previously, he researched student politics in Italy for the project SIHEG (Student Impact on Higher Education Globally).

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