Brussels Indo-Pacific Dialogue: On Economic Security, the Future of Alliances and More

Diplomats, policy-makers and experts gathered at the Brussels Indo-Pacific Dialogue, hosted by our partners at the Center for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy.

Participants shared their insights on the key issues that make this moment arguably the most consequential since World War II: conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, trade wars, supply chains, economic security, artificial intelligence, and more.

To better understand what’s at stake, CSDS-Asia Matters’ Andrew Peaple traveled to Brussels to speak with several panelists.

Highlights include Ambassador Caroline Millar of Australia explaining how she sees the strategic partnership with the European Union, beyond NATO and other alliances; Taiwan’s representative to the EU, Roy Chun Lee, talked about Europe’s approach to the One China policy and trade security; Han-koo Yeo, a former trade minister of South Korea, shared his views on globalization and inter-reliance.

Andrew also spoke with Charles Edel from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Alan Chong from the Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore, Anit Mukherjee from the India Institute at King’s College London, and Cheng Ting-Fang, Chief Tech Correspondent for Nikkei Asia.

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