What’s Next for Taiwan After the Election?

In January the world’s eyes were on Taiwan as the self-ruled island held elections. Now the dust has settled, what is the significance of the results, both for Taiwan itself and for the wider international community?

The Democratic Progressive Party has now won its third presidential election in a row, with Lai Ching-te, or William Lai, set to become Taiwan’s new leader in May.

But the outcome in the country’s Legislative Yuan – the equivalent to its parliament — was more of a mixed bag, with none of the leading parties gaining a majority.
This episode discusses the lessons from the election and how the new president will deal with challenges both at home and abroad – not least its large and increasingly belligerent neighbour across the Taiwan Strait, China.

On the show to talk through these issues is Emily Y. Wu, co-founder of Ghost Island Media – a podcast network that brings perspectives from Taiwan on issues from politics to social issues to climate change.
And joining her is Joseph Wong, Professor at Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto, who was in Taiwan for the election as an observer.

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