CSDS announces establishment of Japan Chair

The Centre for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy (CSDS) at the VUB’s Brussels School of Governance is delighted to announce the establishment of a Japan Chair starting in September 2022.

This Chair shall further promote a deeper understanding of Japanese politics and foreign policy in Europe. Japan is one of Europe’s key partners as well as an influential actor on the world stage and through this Chair, CSDS and the VUB’s Brussels School of Governance consummate a devoted trajectory which started in October 2020 with the inauguration of the Japan Program. Throughout these two years, the CSDS has hosted lectures, courses and seminars on Japan strategic issues with the aim of promoting academically rigorous discussions on geostrategic developments in Asia and the Indo-Pacific region.

Therefore, the Japan Chair marks an important new chapter in CSDS, BSoG and VUB engagement in the region, serving not only to enhance awareness of Japanese foreign and security policy in Europe, but also to inform and shape the policy agenda confronting the Japanese and European leadership by focusing specifically on the EU and NATO.