CSDS at ISA 2024

The Centre for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy (CSDS) were out in force at the recent International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention 2024 in San Francisco. From 3-6 April, leading scholars from across the world convened on the American West Coast to discuss and debate the pressing international issues of our time. This was the 65th ISA Annual Convention and CSDS was honoured to play its part by presenting papers on a number of panels. The ISA Annual Convention was an opportunity for CSDS researchers to present their latest research and academic papers. In particular, CSDS researchers presented their research findings including: 

“Diversification or Distraction? Europe, NATO and Japan’s Efforts to Shape the Transatlantic Agenda” (Eva Pejsova)

“Back to the Future: Marking 75 Years of NATO” (Alexander Mattelaer)

“Differentiation, Binding and Strategic Autonomy: The Case of the EU’s Indo-Pacific Strategy” (Giulia Tercovich)

“The Art of the (Informal) Deal: How the US and China Rely on Informal Wedging and Binding Strategies to Influence EU Sanctions Policy” (Marianna Lovato)

“What does China Want? Technology and Great Power Competition” (Ludovica Meacci)

“NATO’s Staggered Return to Collective Defence: Alliance Politics, Politico-military Logics, and Institutional Adaptation” (Elie Perot)

“The Protégé’s Burden-Sharing Dilemma: Balancing between Autonomy and Alliance Cohesion” (Lotje Boswinkel)

“European Strategies in the Shadow of Sino-American Competition – a Text-as-Data Approach” (Jordan Becker and Andreea Budeanu)

“Strategic Hedging from an Historical Perspective: The Case of the Netherlands amid Anglo-German rivalry before WWI” (Fabio Figiaconi)

“Keep your Backbone Straight: China-US-Europe Competition in the Semiconductor Industry” (Ivan Zaccagnini)

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