War on Ukraine: CSDS Analysis

CSDS is engaged in research and analysis on Russia’s brutal and illegal war on Ukraine. Through its publications and events, CSDS has been able to contribute to multiple facets of the war and its implications for European and transatlantic security. In particular, one of our ongoing projects is to scope out potential future scenarios in the war. As part of this project, we have had the honour of conducting closed-door, scenario-based, exercises and discussions with senior decision-makers in Brussels and Washington DC. The fruits of this project will become publicly available in due course.

Aside from this scenario exercise, however, CSDS has used its own outlets to focus on a range of pertinent issues connected to the war. Through the CSDS Policy Brief and In-Depth Paper series, researchers have looked at how European governments and institutions can and should respond to Russia. Not only have we published papers on how Europe needs to adjust to long-term conflict with Moscow, but we have considered how the war might alter the European Union’s grand strategy.

Furthermore, CSDS has sought to better understand the Russian state and to unpack some of Moscow’s constraints and hard edges. This has also led CSDS to consider how the United States’ approach to the war might be seen by some of its non-European allies, and how its reputation might evolve. Here, we have also had the time to consider the ramifications of the war on Ukraine in other theatres such as Taiwan. We have also dived into the meaning of Russia’s nuclear signallingduring the war, and how NATO’s own nuclear posture should evolve in light of Moscow’s actions. CSDS has, in addition, considered some of the options for any security agreement that could be offered to Ukraine for its security.

Focusing on the military dimensions of the war, CSDS researchers have engaged in pertinent issues such as Europe’s rearmament. This has, in turn, led to a reflection on the status and relevance of the plethora of bilateral defence agreements that have been signed between Ukraine and European partners. In anticipation of Ukraine’s EU accession, CSDS has considered the challenges and benefits of integrating Ukraine into the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base.

Through events, CSDS has worked with close partners such as CSIS to reflect upon how the war will affect NATO and the transatlantic partnership. We have even invited close partners beyond Europe to share their perspectives on the war through events. For example, we invited expert personas from Japan to provide a public lecture and event on the war.

Finally, CSDS researchers have been actively engaged in providing comments to the media, as well as having published informed pieces for outlets such as Carnegie Europe, OSW, Internationale Politik Quarterly, EU Military Forum, War on the Rocks and more.