CSDS-Asia Matters Podcast Launches Inaugural Episode

We are delighted to announce that the Asia Matters Podcast has found a new home. CSDS is acquiring the podcast, which will be relaunched under the title CSDS-Asia Matters Podcast.

For the past two years, the podcast has sought to go beyond the news headlines on Asia and bring in regional expertise to enrich discussion of this dynamic part of the world. Its topics have ranged from the political economy of Myanmar, to the changing technology scene in South Korea, to the ongoing debate in Europe about the rise of China.

Under the new title, the mission of the podcast will remain the same: to bring together policy experts and academics to dissect the factors that shape today’s Asia. Following our close collaboration in the previous year, Asia Matters Podcast will continue to draw on the broad and deep expertise of CSDS faculty while also continuing to invite external contributors.

It’s a huge pleasure for us to be linked and to continue to promote understanding of the broad range of challenges facing us all in the 21st century.

We hope you will continue to enjoy the CSDS-Asia Matters Podcast with this inaugural episode on EU and ASEAN, with CSDS Senior Japan Fellow Eva Pejsova and Huong Le Thu, Senior Fellow at Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Listen here: