Episode 37: How the EU Fits into Asia’s Security Puzzle

In: Asia Matters

In the 27 June 2021 edition of Asia Matters’ podcast, BSoG Japan Program Senior Fellow Eva Pejsova is joined by Abhijit Singh, Senior Fellow and head of the Maritime Policy Initiative at the Observer Research Foundation, and Kei Koga, Assistant Professor at the School of Social Sciences at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Together, they turn their attention to the Indo-Pacific –  the new geopolitical groupings emerging there, from multilateral trade deals to nascent security arrangements – and how Europe fits in to the picture.

The most well-known of these new security groups is probably the Quad, a grouping of the major democracies with skin in the game in the region –  namely India, Japan, Australia, and the US. But what of Europe, the world’s largest trading bloc? Back in April, the EU published a strategy document aimed at boosting its presence in the region. But what does that mean in practice – what does the bloc hope to achieve, what limitations is it up against – and what do the major players situated in the region make of this renewed European focus?

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